Video Games are an Art

The public sphere is a ‘space’ in which people debate concerns about certain topics, such as political ideals, recent events or certain television shows. Today, I’m going to discuss how video games are such a good topic for the public sphere to debate.

Now I know some people might read this and think about how much this has been debated already, what I want people to debate about is how the medium of video games can be used as an art form to express ideas or emotion.

Now the strongest image that most people see when the word “video games” comes up is the violence of games like “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield”. However, there are many games out there that defy this stigma. There are even games like “Spec Ops; The Line” that even point out the flaws of these games. A great example of this is the game “Loneliness”, a metaphorical game about depression and isolation from the world due to society.


Now as you can see from the video, if you watched it, its quite a bland game, but the message you get at the end is strong. You go through the entire game as that dot at the bottom, and no matter how hard you try to make your dot join the others, you never can. Its quite frustrating and after playing it two times, I got pretty angry at the game. It’s only at the end when you get the message that the creator is trying to give about loneliness and isololation and how this is a leading cause of suicides in the western world.

now I know this game isn’t a popular media, but I support the use of video games as an art form to send messages, protests and emotion, and this game does it well in its simplicity. How it tries to show what it’s like to be alone through the dots is effective and can show make us feel in a way what it’s like to be truly alone. If more games like this were discussed in the public sphere, maybe more people can come to see how this medium can be used as an art.

You can find a link to the game here, it’s quite boring but keep on playing until you see darkness and the message at the end


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