Final Thoughts

Well it’s been fun, but its time to finish up on this blog. Looking back on the last month and a half on this topic, I have learnt a fair bit about the media in the modern age and issues that surround it. Things like the public sphere in the media to issues surrounding the ownership of news mediums, it has been some of the most interesting stuff I’ve learnt about. My outlook on media has definitely been altered by the many topics that our lectures have covered and the research that I did in making this blog.

From the information I have been given and had to research  I come up with a few things on the media oriented issues today:

  1. Media can influence us to do things, but not actions like murder, although I always found it stupid to blame TV and video games for violence…
  2. To look beyond the image and see the symbols and the the message it makes
  3. the dangers of total media control
  4. that public spheres are great places to discuss your opinion and forward concerns
  5. and the increase of CCTV cameras around the world is too damn high

These theories definitely changed my views in some areas, especially the one on images and semiotics.  I’ll admit I never did look into ads like that before, and images, like the Unhate Campaign, would have made me uneasy a few weeks ago.

I enjoyed doing this quite a lot. And I have sort of gotten used to the blog-making but its still. a bit of mess… hopefully I’ll get better at it in the future, although I think next time I’ll do video’s instead of words, writing isn’t my strong suit

Well that’s it for me, it has been fun writing this and I’ve sort of enjoyed it. So long and I hope you enjoyed the blog and finally one more message:


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