All about me…

Well to start off simple, my name is Lachlan Vivers and I’m doing a bachelor of Media and Communications as well as a bachelor of International studies. I come from a small town called Dunedoo which is about an hour’s drive east of Dubbo, so basically I come from the middle of nowhere. I went to school at the town until my parents decided to ship me off to Sydney for boarding school at St. Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill, which I graduated from two years ago.

My hobbies up until a year ago included some motocross, hunting, stock work, water skiing and wakeboarding. But a year ago I travelled (not overseas, just locally) and discovered snowboarding, poker, billiards and just travelling in general.

As I just said, last year I had a gap year just working round New South Wales in places like Dubbo, Mudgee, Jindabyne and Sydney. The Jobs I did there varied and included bartending, labouring, maintenance. I also had a mini holiday/job as a lift operator at Perisher for about five months which had to be the best job I’ve ever had, apart from the pay.

The reason I chose my course was simply because it interest me. The subjects that both degrees talk about in their core are quite cool to things like the effects of mass media and causality to modern day politics and international issues like globalisation and poverty. After I’ve done this course I have absolutely no idea whatsoever of what I’ll do, so I’m just going to be playing it by ear for the time being.


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